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A welcome process for a new user when they visit LAI Product Reviews.

Onboarding is a three-step process including:

Step 1: Select a theme and app language

Step 2: Enable LAI embed app

Step 3: Add LAI widgets

Step 1: Select a theme and app language#

Select a theme#

  • The published theme will be shown as the first chosen.

  • You can select another theme where you want to show LAI widgets, even they are unpublished.

Select an app language#

  • The default language of LAI is English. Moreover, we also provide you with other 5 languages including French, Portugese, Spanish, Chinese and Danish.

Step 2: Enable LAI embed app#

  • Click on Activate app embed > It'll redirect you to Shopify theme editor.

  • LAI embed blocks will be activated to show upcoming added LAI widgets.

  • When you come back to our onboarding, our system will verify whether LAI embed blocks state is on or not.

    • If it's not turned on, a warning will show up. You can skip this step and activate the LAI embed blocks manually later.

    • If it's turned on, our system will show a verified badge and you can move on to step 3.

Step 3: Add LAI widgets#

  • The default widget is Product review section.

On 1.0 themes#

  • Please visit the mentioned file > copy the code > add it to the end of the file > click on Save > check the widget display in your online store.

On 2.0 themes#

  • Please click on Add review widget > It'll redirect you to Shopify theme editor > a Product reviews section block will be added to your Default product page > click on Save.

If you need any more help, feel free to reach out to us via live chat or send emails to [email protected].