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| December 7, 2022

Introducing new partner: Transcy – Language translation & currency converter

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Introducing new partner: Transcy – Language translation & currency converter

Global commerce has full opportunities, but how can you get your Shopify store off the ground? Begin your journey into new markets with Transcy!

Smartify Apps is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Transcy, a language translation & currency converter. It is a solution for localizing stores, translating content, converting currencies, shipping fees, and taxes while maintaining profit margins.

Transcy and Smartify Apps strive to deliver the most effective localization and global expansion solutions. With this partnership, Smartify Apps and Transcy can reach more potential customers looking for solutions to problems they have while going global.

About Transcy#

Over 4,000 customers have given Transcy a positive review, helping it achieve 4.9 stars and the top spot on Shopify's list of translation apps. It supports 100+ languages and 160+ currencies with automatic translation and professional editing abilities. Transcy goes beyond translating and changing currencies by automatically detecting a customer's location and converting information and prices to the customer's native language.

Besides, pages in your Shopify store and throughout the checkout process and content added by front-end apps like Free Shipping Bar, Ali Reviews, Loox, or Sales Pop-up, can be translated. The outcome you're going to achieve with Transcy will be a highly localized and outstanding shopping experience, getting found by new customers (thanks to multilingual SEO) and increasing conversions.

More built-in features will ease your global expansion:

  • Auto-translate to native language & convert currency by real-time exchange rate
  • Worry-free with unlimited word translation at high quality and naturalness
  • Display separate images for each language to engage customers.
  • Various eye-catching switchers for switching language & currency without any effect on site speed
  • Easy setup & 24/7 available live chat support

Install Transcy now to build a winning multilingual store!

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