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| December 25, 2023

Top 15 Best Shopify Review Apps in 2024



Did you know that nearly 90% of consumers say that they rely on customer ratings and reviews before making a purchase decision (according to Emplifi)? Being aware of the significance of product reviews to the merchants, we understand why choosing the best review app for Shopify is crucial. This is a list of the top 15 Shopify review apps to elevate your Shopify store to new heights in 2024. Our article not only showcases features and pricing details of the top-rated Shopify product reviews app but also gives the assessment of which store each app will be suitable for.

What is a Shopify review app?#

A Shopify review app is a third-party application designed to enhance the functionality of a Shopify store by giving merchants a way to collect and display customer reviews. The reviews can include various aspects such as product quality, shipping, customer service, and overall shopping experience. Shopify review apps often have features like customizable review forms, review management, and the ability to showcase reviews on product pages. These tools help build trust with potential customers and contribute to an e-commerce business's overall success by providing valuable social proof and insightful data.

How to choose an ideal product review app for the Shopify store?#

Selecting the best review app for your Shopify business is essential to building trust and driving sales. Before we discuss further the best review apps for Shopify, here's a quick guide to assist you in choosing wisely:

  • Ease of Use: Opt for an app with an intuitive interface. A user-friendly design ensures that you can quickly explore and change the settings without a steep learning curve.
  • Integration with other apps: Consider how well the review app integrates with other apps you may be using, such as email marketing tools or SEO apps. Seamless integration enhances overall functionality.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Given the growing trend of people using mobile devices to purchase online, ensure that the review app provides a mobile-friendly experience. This ensures that customers can leave and read reviews easily on any device.
  • Aesthetics interface: Make sure a review showcase interface that seamlessly integrates with your brand aesthetics. Customization options for the appearance of review widgets, along with support for rich media like photos and videos, enhance the visual appeal.
  • Rewards and loyalty feature: The incorporation of incentives and loyalty elements has the potential to increase both consumer engagement and brand loyalty significantly. Choose an app that easily incorporates a rewards program, allowing customers to earn points or incentives for leaving reviews, making purchases, or engaging with your brand.
  • Customer support: Check the available level of customer support provided by the app developer. Responsive and helpful support can be crucial if you encounter any issues or need assistance with customization.
  • Pricing structure: Evaluate the pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget. Some apps may offer a free plan with the option to upgrade for more advanced features. Consider the value you get for the price.

Top 15 product review apps for Shopify#

1. LAI Product Reviews#

LAI Product Reviews

First on our list is LAI Product Reviews, an all-in-one app for product reviews. LAI offers seamless review import from various eCommerce platforms. Fully customizable widgets will fit the store's aesthetic. With powerful management features like pinning, hiding, and grouping reviews, LAI will help you leverage the power of product reviews to increase customer engagement.

Key features:

  • Import product reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, DSers, CJ, other apps or a custom CSV
  • Manage reviews: replying, pinning, hiding, copying, syncing and grouping reviews
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Showcase reviews across your store: homepage, collections, products, pop-ups, etc.
  • Share reviews on Facebook
  • Automatic email to gather genuine reviews,
  • Q&A feature, incentive program
  • Sync review data across multiple stores
  • Integrations with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Weglot, PageFly, BON loyalty & more


  • Free
  • Complete: $11.95

Suitable for: LAI Product Reviews is suitable for dropshipping stores and businesses of all sizes. From new and medium stores to large businesses that need a review app to help manage reviews from multiple stores

2. Ali Reviews#

Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews simplifies collecting, showcasing, and managing product reviews to build trust & increase sales for your store. Ali Reviews offers fully customizable review displays for branded, dynamic & persuasive store design without slowing site.

Key features:

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, DSers, Ali Orders & CSV
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Manage review, move, copy, and reply to reviews
  • Show reviews in the review box, pop-up widget
  • Share reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Automated Email & SMS review requests to collect genuine reviews
  • Custom questions, Q&A, incentive program
  • Integrations with Google Shopping, Google Shopping Ads, Language - - - - Translate & Currency, Pagefly, Klaviyo & more


  • Free
  • Starter: $9.90/month
  • Essential: $19.90/month
  • Premium: $49.90/month

Suitable for: Ali Reviews is suitable for dropshipping stores and businesses from small to medium size

3. Loox#


Loox is a popular Shopify app specializing in helping e-commerce store owners collect and display customer reviews, focusing on visual content, particularly photo reviews. The app allows merchants to request and showcase reviews from customers, including images of the purchased products. Visual reviews can be powerful in building trust and credibility with potential buyers.

Key features:

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, other apps & spreadsheet
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Display reviews through carousels, pop-ups, and the Loox sidebar, etc,
  • Meta Shops syndication (Facebook & Instagram shops)
  • Automated email review request
  • Custom question
  • Integration with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Weglot, Aftership, loyalty apps & more


  • Beginner: $9.99/month
  • Scale: $34.99/month
  • Unlimited: $299.99/month

Suitable for: Loox is suitable for medium stores that need a limited review request email and businesses that run Facebook & Instagram stores.

4. is another Shopify app that focuses on helping merchants collect and display customer reviews. It is known for providing robust features to enhance the review process on Shopify stores.

Key features:

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, other apps, and CSV
  • Reviews Carousel
  • Unlimited email review requests with photo and video
  • Q&A, incentive program
  • Share reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Syndicate product reviews with the Shop app, Facebook & Instagram
  • Integration with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, loyalty apps, Aftership, PushOwl & more


  • Free
  • Awesome: $15/month

Suitable for: is appropriate for mid- to upper-level businesses that require a large number of review request emails every month.

5. Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC#

Yotpo Producte Reviews & UGC

Yotpo helps eCommerce brands collect product reviews that drive social proof. With AI-powered review widgets, Yotpo makes it easy for e-commerce brands of all sizes to gather high-quality product reviews that impact the path to purchase.

Key features:

  • Show photo and video review
  • Display reviews on-site: reviews tab, reviews carousel, highlight reviews, etc..
  • Reviews moderation, review tagging
  • Automated Email & SMS review requests to collect product reviews
  • Share product reviews to Facebook shops
  • Custom questions, Q&A, incentivize reviews with coupons
  • Integration with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, SMSBump, Pagefly & more


  • Free
  • Growth: $15/month (starting at 50 orders)
  • Prime: $119/month (starting at 250 orders)

Suitable for: Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC is suitable for upper-level businesses

6. Product Reviews#

Trustoo Product Reviews

Trustoo makes it easy for brands to collect, display, and amplify customer content. Display reviews in beautiful widgets to build trust with visitors and make it easy to reach new customers by rewarding them for referring their friends and through organic search.

Key features:

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Send automatic review request emails, show discounts for adding a photo
  • Auto-translate reviews in multi-language and unlimited translation
  • Share reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Integration with Pagefly, Google Shopping, Zendrop & more


  • Free
  • Basic: $9.99/month
  • Growth: $19.99/month
  • Basic import: $5.99/month (only available for dropshipping users)

Suitable for: Trustoo is an ideal review app if your store sells products to many countries and needs a review app with the feature to auto-translate reviews.

7. Okendo#


Okendo is a customer marketing platform that builds trust and drives conversions with authentic customer ratings, reviews, visual UGC, Q&A, and NPS (net promoter score).

Key features:

  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Manage reviews: replying, grouping, tagging & filtering
  • Send automatic review request emails
  • Q&A, share reviews on social media
  • Meta shop syndication, syndication, Bazaarvoice syndication
  • Integration with Smile, Zendesk, Gorgias, LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, Postscript & more


  • Essential: $19/month
  • Growth: $119/month
  • Power: $299/month
  • Advanced: $499/month

Suitable for: Okendo is suitable for upper-level businesses.

8. Fera Product Reviews#

Fera Product Reviews

Fera is a review app for managing and growing your store's customer, photo, and video reviews. Showcase product reviews without sacrificing the brand's aesthetics, import reviews from Google, Facebook, Etsy, and more, and schedule automatic review requests to gather customer reviews and feedback.

Key features:

  • Import and sync product reviews from Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, Google, etc.
  • Automatic review request emails to collect photo and video reviews
  • Reward customer reviews with discounts, points, and cash-back incentives
  • Sync Facebook, multi-store reviews
  • Integration with Google Shopping, Klaviyo


  • Free
  • Startup: $9/month
  • Small: $29/month
  • Medium: $99/month

Suitable for: Fera is suitable for large businesses that need a review app to help manage reviews from multiple stores in one place.

9. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC#

Stamped Product Reviews

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC (User-Generated Content) is a comprehensive Shopify app designed to enhance the review and content creation process for online store owners. With seamless integration, the app facilitates collecting and displaying customer reviews and user-generated content, adding authenticity to your product pages.

Key features:

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, Facebook
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Smart product recommendations, Instagram curation
  • Net promoter score surveys, Q&A feature
  • Collect authentic reviews via email, SMS, Facebook messenger
  • Reviews syndication across multiple stores
  • Share reviews on social media
  • Integration with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Omnisend, ActiveCampaign, Gorgias & more


  • Free
  • Basic: $23/month
  • Premium: $59/month
  • Bsiness: $149/month

Suitable for: Stamped is suitable for mid to upper-level stores

10. Opinew Product Reviews#


Opinew helps request product reviews from current and previous orders through emails, SMS & QR codes. Import Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay reviews in bulk with just one click. Drive more conversions with user-generated content such as photo and video reviews.

Key features:

  • Import reviews in minutes from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, automatic import sync
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Display reviews and Q&A on-site with 8 highly customizable widgets.
  • Send automated email & SMS requests with coupons
  • Integrate with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Smile, LoyaltyLion, Rebuy & more


  • Free
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Growth: $89/month
  • Advanced: $199/month

Suitable for: If you are looking for a review app that has the automatic review sync feature (daily, monthly), Opinew is a good selection

11. Rivyo Product Reviews#


Rivyo makes collecting, managing, and displaying product reviews with photos easy. Seamlessly gather product reviews by sending an automated email to the orders. Use attractive widgets to showcase reviews on Home, Product, Cart, or any page. Rivyo reviews app works with all themes and helps you build strong social proof for your brand.

Key features:

  • Import reviews from Amazon, AliExpress
  • Highlight all product reviews anywhere on your store
  • Collect reviews by sending automatic customized review request emails.
  • Integration with ReConvert, Pagefly, Klaviyo, Instant Search & more


  • Free
  • Starter: $9/month
  • Business: $14/month
  • Enterprise: $19/month

Suitable for:Rivyo is suitable for small and medium businesses.

12. Product Reviews# Product Reviews is a platform that specializes in helping businesses collect and manage online reviews. is not limited to just Shopify but can be integrated with various e-commerce platforms.

Key features:

  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Send automated review requests via Email&SMS
  • Q&A, Customer surveys, Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Walmart syndication
  • Integration with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Google Ads, Google Shopping & more


  • Free
  • Launch: $45/month
  • Launch plus: $89/month

Suitable for: is suitable for businesses in medium size

13. Areviews#


Areviews simplifies the process of importing photo reviews from AliExpress and various websites with just a few clicks, allowing you to gather valuable feedback from your customers. Showcase your reviews in a variety of styles that not only enhance your sales but also bolster customer trust. The app aids in improving conversion rates by tracking visitor interactions and offers multiple display options, such as a dedicated, happy customer page.

Key features:

  • Import reviews through Amazon, Aliexpress, Shein, or using CSV
  • Auto-sync new reviews
  • Many ways to display the reviews, like sliders, popups, badges, and many more
  • Automated review request emails
  • Integration with Importify, Dropified, Modalyst & more


  • Free
  • Premium: $6.99/month
  • Ultimate: $12.99/month

Suitable for: Areviews is suitable for merchants that only need an app with basic features about reviews.

14. Junip#


Junip helps gather more reviews and displays them everywhere that matters. Junip focuses on review widgets that are fast & automatically match your branding/CSS out of the box. Mobile first review forms lead to increased photos & videos as well as custom questions & attributes.

Key features:

  • Product traits & grouping
  • Custom questions
  • Show photo and video reviews
  • Share reviews on social media
  • Integration with Klaviyo, Omnisend, Google Shopping, Postscript & more


  • Free
  • Essential (500): $19/month (up to 500 orders/month)
  • Essential (1000): $39/month
  • Standard: $74/month

Suitable for: Junip is a great app to choose if you need a review app that can fulfill your customized request at a high level to fit your brand (extra fee, of course).

15. Reputon#


The last one in our list, Reputation, gets more reviews on 3rd party review platforms. This app allows you to send follow-up emails asking for reviews when your customers receive their orders and redirect unhappy users to a private feedback form.

Key features:

  • Get reviews from Google, Sitejabber, Facebook
  • Send review request emails to collect customer reviews
  • AI-personalized follow-up emails
  • Integration with Aftership, PushOwl Web Push Notifications, Trustpilot & more


  • Free
  • Lite: $9.99/month
  • Standard: $24.99/month
  • Advanced: $49.99/month

Suitable for: Reputon is suitable for mid-level businesses.


In conclusion, the top 15 Shopify review apps listed here are definitely the game-changers. Navigating the ever-changing world of e-commerce in 2024 requires the right tools. These applications enable businesses to enhance the entire shopping experience, increase sales, and foster trust among customers by easily integrating evaluations and showing them visually beautifully. These applications' wide range of capabilities meets various business requirements, whether your top priorities are platform integration, customization, or utilizing user-generated content. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of customer evaluations as a success factor in the digital era. Make a smart investment in the best Shopify review app, and in 2024, you'll see your online business flourish and stand out in the crowded market.