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Import from other apps (CSV)

Help you migrate reviews from other reviews apps using a CSV file, XLSX file, Google Sheet. Contact support if migrate from Loox,, Stamped, Shopify Product Reviews or any other review apps.

Google Sheets#

To import reviews using the free spreadsheet app Google Sheets:

1. Open template here

2. Make a copy:


3. Fill in the review data according to the instructions in the spreadsheet below


Do not rename or remove any of the columns including the column titles.

Column TitleDescriptionExample
product_id (Required)To get an ID number, from your Shopify admin, you go to Products > Click the name of the product > The last numbers of this product page link is the ID numberimg
product_handle (Optional)To get the Product handle, please visit product URLs > copy the last part following product/3-fraft-easy-cheese-cheddar-in-can-80z is the product handle. img
product_name (Optional)To get the Product name, please visit Shopify Admin site > Products > click products > choose specific pnes and copy their names.img
author (Required)The name of the customer
(The name will appear on the review exactly as inserted here)
Jillian Le
content (Required)The text of the reviewHighly recommend this product!
photoA public URL for the review photo.

Use this template:
link photo 1,link photo 2,link photo 3

*Note: If you don’t have a photo URL, you can create one by following these instructions:
1) Save the relevant images to your computer
2) Go to your Shopify settings - Files
3) Click "Upload files"
4) Choose one of the images and upload it Copy its photo URL from the "URL" column once it has been uploaded
Example format of uploading many photos:​,,link photo 3
Link 1,Link 2,Link 3

Example format of uploading 1 photo:
Link 1
email (Required)You can leave this column empty if you don’t have the customer’s email
rating (Required)Valid values are 1/2/3/4/5
Please use whole numbers only.
date_time (Required)You can choose different available or self-customized date formats.img
countryThe 2-letter country abbreviation codes. If you don’t know these codes, please look up at this page: is written as CA

4. Download it as CSV before import to our app.

Click to "File" > "Download" > "Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)".


5. Upload your file in the empty box below:


  • After uploading the CSV file, you can see a list of fields which need to match with compatible columns in the CSV file. One out of three fields including Product ID, Product handle or Product name and red-asterisked fields are required to be matched.


  • After submitting the file, the file will be in Pending state, please reload the page to show other states of the file. You can download reports for import processes by clicking each file at Recent import queue section.


If you have any troubles, please contact us via and we are always willing to support you!


Note: CSV file can be formatted wrong when it's opened by Excel. For the best result, suggest merchants edit data by Google Sheet template, try not to edit data by Excel. When data is all set, save it as a CSV file and then upload that file to our app right away.