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Integrate Reviews with Google Shopping Product Listings

This instruction shows you how to display your reviews and ratings on Google Product Listing Ads

Google's guidelines for reviews and rating:#

  1. You must have a minimum of 50 reviews in your Product Ratings feed.
  2. Your reviews must follow Google’s content policies.
  3. Reviews should be of high quality (text and picture).
  4. All reviews must be synced (even low ratings).

Fill in Product Ratings Interest Form#

Step 1: Log into your Google Merchant Center account or sign up for one

Step 2: Fill in Google's Product Ratings Interest Form

Step 3: Under “If you use a third-party service, which service do you use?:”, choose “Other and specify LAI Product Reviews


Step 4: Reply to Google’s response

In a few days, you will receive an email from Google saying this:

“Your aggregator, 'LAI Product Reviews', does not have an approved partnership for the Product Ratings program with Google yet [...] So in the meantime, "" can send a direct product ratings feed to Google.”

Please reply to this email with this to get approved:

“Hi team,

Thank you for your response. I will use LAI Product Reviews as a review aggregator and submit a direct product ratings feed via my Google Merchant Center.

Thank you and have a lovely day!”

Step 5: Wait until you are approved, then a new "Product reviews" section should appear under the "Marketing" tab in your Google Merchant Center with the status being live


If the status did not switch to live after a few days, you can apply for the program again following the above steps or contact Google for further support.

How to set up Google Shopping in LAI#

You can upload your products’ ratings and reviews to your Google Merchant Center once you are approved.

Step 1: Log into LAI Product Reviews, go to Google Shopping



Step 2: Adjust the settings of your reviews

Product settings:

  • All: This option will fetch reviews from all products.
  • Specific products: browse and choose the products you want to fetch reviews from.

Reviews settings:

  • Review source:
    • Customers submission: fetch reviews which are submitted by your customers
    • Imported: fetch imported reviews You can choose “Include photos” or “Exclude photos” reviews for your Google Shopping Listings.

Country: Select the country your reviews are from.

Skip reviews with keyword: type in the keywords you want to exclude from your feed.

Step 3: Product identification

Please select your settings as below:


Copy the generated link in the red-outlined box.

Upload your Product Ratings feed to Google:#

This is the final step for your reviews and ratings to appear on Google Shopping listings.

Step 1: Log into your Merchant Center account

Step 2: Go to Marketing > Product reviews. Click on “Product reviews feeds”


Step 3: Click the plus button on the “Product reviews feeds” page


Step 4: Name your feed and choose “Scheduled fetch" upload method


Then click “Continue”.

Step 5: Select your fetch frequency/date/time as you want.


Paste your XML file link from LAI into the “File URL” box.

Finally, click “Create feed”.

If you have any troubles following the instruction, please contact us via live chat or send emails to