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Integrate with Omnisend

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses streamline their marketing efforts, improve customer engagement, and boost sales through personalized and automated campaigns across multiple channels.

Collect customers' information with their permission#

  1. To send SMS, customer's phone number is required to be collected.
  • Please go to Shopify admin site > select Settings > go to Checkout

    • At Customer contact method > select Phone number or email.


    • At Customer information > go to Shipping address phone number > Select Optional.


    • At Marketing options > please assure to select SMS.



Please visit this link for the most detailed instruction.

Integrate LAI Product Reviews with Omnisend#

Step 1: Install 2 apps#

Please assure to install 2 apps:

Step 2: Verify Omnisend API key#

1. Get the API key by:#

  • Option 1: Clicking on Get API key button in LAI.


  • Option 2: In Omnisend, going to Store settings > scrolling down to API keys > copying an existing API key or create a new API key.



2. Verify the API key#

  • The default status is Unverified key.

  • Please enter the copied API key to this box > click on Verify. If you verify the API key successfully, the status will be Verified key.


Step 3: Connect your store with Omnisend#

  • Please click on Connect to complete the connecting process between LAI and Omnisend.

  • The status will be Connected afterwards.

  • Afterwards, the integration is complete and three LAI triggers will show in Omnisend app:

    LAI fulfilled orders: Automatic emails will be sent after orders are fulfilled.

    LAI paid orders: Automatic emails will be sent after orders are paid.

    LAI reviews are submitted.: When a review is submitted in LAI Product Reviews, an event will be sent to Omnisend to implement the flow created in Omnisend.

Send SMS and use Omnisend templates#

  • Please visit Omnisend admin site > go to Automation > click on New workflow or you can click here > choose Create custom workflow.

Step 1: Choose LAI triggers#

  • On the right menu, select Trigger > choose 1 LAI trigger.


Step 2: Select elements of the workflow#

  • Select SMS as a type of Messages (on the left menu). You can end the workflow here.

Step 3: Edit the SMS message text#

  • Please edit the content on the right menu, at Message text sub-section.

  • This is a variable list, which is available at EVENT PROPERTIES, you can use to mention your customers in emails:

    email: to show your customers' emails

    first_name: to show your customers' first names

    full_name: to show your customers' full names

    last_name: to show your customers' last names

    link: to show a link redirecting to the first product page in your order.

    shop name: to show your shop name

    title: to show products' titles

  • Please click on Update to complete the setting.

You can send a test SMS to check your workflow. If you need any more help, please contact our live chat or send emails to [email protected].