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PageFly is an advanced page builder that helps you create landing pages quickly and effectively. To make LAI Reviews app appears properly on PageFly pages, you need to add the LAI widget into them.

First, be assured that the 2 apps have been installed:‌

Install PageFly Page Builder​‌

Install LAI Product Reviews​‌

After having installed the two apps, follow our quick steps below:‌

Step 1: Access the page you want the LAI widget to appear

Step 2: Click "add element" -> Choose HTML/Liquid element -> Drag and drop the element on where you want it to appear


Step 3: Click on the chosen element -> Open code editor

(Code must be added inside the Product details element)‌


Step 4: Add code to the chosen element. (below codes FYI)‌


Code for adding review widget to home page:

{% render 'lai-home-page' %}

Code for adding review widget to happy customer page:

{% render 'reviews-happy-page' %}

Code for adding star rating icon to collection page:

<div class="scm-reviews-rate" data-rate-version2="{{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData.reviewCountInfo | json | escape}}"></div>

Code for adding review widget to the product page:

Add this code

{% render "reviews-importer" %}

Change the position of the widget review

<div class="scm-container custom" style="display: none;">    <div id="scm-reviews-importer" class="scm-reviews-importer">        <iframe id="scm-reviews-importer-iframe" width="100%"></iframe>    </div></div>

Code for adding star rating to the product page:

<a href="#scm-reviews-importer"> <div id="scm-product-detail-rate" class="scm-reviews-rate" data-rate-version2="{{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData.reviewCountInfo | json | escape}}"></div></a>

Step 5: Save and close

If you can not add code by yourself, please drop us an email via We are more than happy to assist you.